The Power of Laughter to Deepen Connection & Foster True Intimacy

a couple lovingly laughing and sharing an intimate moment togetherLaughter in creating magic in a relationship is often overlooked or not appreciated for the value it adds to fostering a healthy and loving relationship. In my course the ‘Seven Pillars of Love – Going from Good to Great or from Sagging to Bragging I spend considerable time dwelling on the power of laughter to foster connection, increase intimacy and deepen the communication in a relationship!

Laughter is one of the best ingredients in having a healthy loving and enriching relationship. You may wonder why this is so. Have you ever thought about how good you feel after a good old bout of laughter?  Recent research in neuroscience or the study of the brain explains why this is so!

When you laugh the brain emits powerful hormones known as endorphins into the blood stream, and these endorphins are responsible for that feel good feeling – that afterglow that you experience after a good old laugh. They are responsible for the feelings of happiness and joy you feel when you laugh. And these very same endorphins are responsible for you feeling connected with a loved one….which is why laughter and laughing together fosters and deepens the emotional connection in your relationship and provides an avenue to true intimacy.

Laughter unleashes a sense of joy and overall happiness. And when you share or bring laughter into your relationship it brings with it a sense of belonging – of feeling truly loved and accepted. It creates a bond or sense of specialness – of the ‘we’ in ‘us’! So think of ways that you can increase the laughter and fun in your relationship! It doesn’t have to be the full belly type of laugh – light heartedness is just as effective as the solid rolling round the floor kind of laugher!

In fact laughter is a very powerful medicine. To substantiate this further laughter is given credit by some as having several medical or health benefits as well as emotional ones. It has been proven that laughter thwarts stress.

The chemicals that laughter results in releasing into the blood system are known to boost the immune system, increase your resistance to disease, protect your heart from increased blood flow and relax the body for up to 45 minutes after you’ve stopped laughing!  WOW that makes laughter one of the best tonics, benefitting you both physically, mentally and emotionally. And it’s free!

In fact laughter is so powerful that both the American Cancer Society and the Cancer Treatment of America (CTCA) recommend humour or laughter therapy in association with other more conventional means of treating cancer patients. While there is no medical evidence to demonstrate the value of laughter in the treatment of cancer, there IS a lot of evidence demonstrating the powerful effects laughter has on the body physically, mentally and emotionally.

The laughter is not false. In these treatments laughter or humour rooms are set up with appropriate reading, or audio and visual materials known to elicit a smile of sense of wellbeing! And so the laughter is a natural by-product of sharing or hearing stories and funny incidents.

So think about it! If laughter is that powerful in a medical setting and in easing the effects of diseases such as cancer, what might be the likely aftermath of bringing more laughter into your relationship? More laughter and more frequent episodes of laughter? Awesome or what?

So how can you bring more laughter into your relationship?  Think of activities or things that you can do together that are likely to bring a smile or result in a good laugh! Movies that you can watch together! Fun things you can do!  Books that you can read together or share! Stories that you can share! Make a quest of doing something together to elicit a smile or a laugh as a daily or weekly challenge! And watch your relationship deepen as a result!

The benefits of laughing more?  Deepening the emotional connection, increasing the sense of belonging and feeling valued! Not bad for starters! Laughter increases the oxygen in the cells of your body – giving you a greater glow all round – resulting in a sense of joy and fulfilment. These feelings strengthen relationships and diffuse conflict.

So give yourself a dose of this very powerful relationship medicine on a daily or weekly basis, and watch as the relationship increases in connection and develops a very healthy glow! A Sparkle!

So what are you waiting for – go get a smile on that dial!

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  1. says

    Oh Carol, I love to laugh! And it doesn’t even matter what I’m laughing at. I’m sure I drive my family nuts because I find a lot of random things funny and they look at me strange. Life is too short not to laugh and laugh! Thanks for reminding us that it is important for our relationships too!

    • Carol says

      How wonderful Tracey that you can see the amusing side in random things, and while your family may at times look at you oddly, just remember that all that laughter has the amazing ability to connect everyone at a deeper unconscious level. How cool is that?

  2. says

    I totally think laughter helps every situation, I laugh in my sleep! But I also laugh at completely inappropriate times (oops!). I have noticed though that when we first started going out we would laugh until we cry a lot! Maybe less now, I will have to remedy that haha!!

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