What’s the Secret to True Intimacy & Everlasting Deep Connection? Open the Path to True Love

Beautiful Couple Smiling And Facing Each Other and looking into one another's eyes

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What’s the secret to true intimacy? A loving connection and a safe, supportive environment or haven wherein you and your partner feel free and encourage one another to be your true selves are important foundations to developing true intimacy. That may sound easy, but many relationships exist in less than safe or supportive environments.

And what if there’s been little intimacy to date….? Or being brutally honest there’s a sense of animosity between the two of you and negative communication patterns are the norm?

Is it possible to rekindle the love and deepen the connection under those circumstances and create true love and deep intimacy?Continue Reading

What are the Essential Ingredients to Deepen the Intimacy in YOUR Relationship?

Three clear glass flasks each with a colourful chemical ingredient insideThere are several key ingredients that foster and deepen the intimacy in a relationship, enabling one to truly be you and reveal yourself fully.

Key is that the communication in the relationship is open and honest… always… But to feel safe to do so requires a high degree of trust and integrity to exist.

What do I mean? Honesty and openness are multi layered, complex attributes or values rather than simple ones… each require you to be true to yourself and to honor yourself and to trust your partner completely. Knowing that you will be supported and accepted for all that you do and say. Both honoring one another and fully accepted no matter what.Continue Reading

Are You Certain that Your Messages of Love Are Being Heard?

Young woman getting breakfast in bed and a large red gift box on the breakfast trayDid you know that we each have our own love language…? That there are in fact five unique or different love languages? And that in the absence of knowing the love language of your partner you run the risk of your messages of love and affection not being heard or worse entirely missed?

Yes that’s right. There are five unique languages of love. And each of us responds best to only one of these. In other words if we’re not spoken to in our unique love language we fail to hear the messages of love sent to us…

That’s a hard fact to appreciate isn’t it?Continue Reading

Healthy Fun Loving Communication! A Key Component in Keeping Love & the Connection Alive

Couple sitting on a park bench & not speaking to one anotherWhen communication is broken the connection fades!

Have you ever sat at a restaurant or coffee shop and found yourself intrigued by the conversations that waft passed you? Observed other people and their engagement and wondered what led them to interact in this manner? How about when you see a young couple in a restaurant so engaged with one another that even the waiter or waitress has difficulty interrupting – to get their attention to take their order or deliver their food? Does it bring a smile to your face or ignite an inner glow in you – remembering how delicious those treasured moments were and are?Continue Reading

Deepen the Love & Connection in Your Relationship–With Mini Dates! 15 Minutes a Day!

A clock spiralling into a 15 minute timeframeDid you know that the average couple spends less than 5 minutes a day connecting meaningfully with one another? By meaningfully I mean exchanging words or touching one another with loving intent – with the sole purpose of connecting or deepening the relationship in a meaningful way!

Less than 5 mins per day!!!!!

Compare this to when you were dating? Do you remember the hours spent talking and connecting with one another when you were dating? What happened? Where did all that intent for physical closeness, and sharing news of one another’s day go? And more importantly what impact does such a small amount of time given to meaningful connection do to the longevity and intimacy in a relationship?Continue Reading