The Secret to Keeping the Sexual Connection & Sizzle Alive in Your Relationship? One Word, YES!

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Research has shown that the average guy will stop asking for sex or initiating it after as little as 3 rejections! That after 2 or 3 rejections a man begins to question his masculinity and rather than showing his desire for sexual connection will withdraw.

And most men will not reveal that to you. It’s too painful an admission!Continue Reading

Loving Relationships Make Connecting Sexually a Priority. Schedule in Time for Sex & Sexual Play

Woman in bed, recoiling from her partner touching herIn a recent post I talked about the importance of maintaining a healthy and intimate sex life if you want to create and maintain a healthy, deeply, loving relationship. And in that post I suggest scheduling time in for sex as a means of ensuring that time for connecting sexually becomes a priority in the relationship.

If you read that article you may recall that I suggested that scheduling in time for sex is very important. And that if sex isn’t scheduled in… it typically falls off the radar of one party, typically the woman’s and it doesn’t happen.Continue Reading