Become a Tiger in the Bedroom, Initiate Sex like A Temptress & have Your Partner Purring for More

Woman standing on the bed, tempting her partner Many of my clients who enjoy an active, delicious sex life feel that there’s an imbalance in the status quo. They feel that sex only happens when their husband or significant other initiates it.

These same women are surprised and respond in disbelief when I advise them that men love it when their partner initiates sex…

All too often I hear them say…’I’ve tried on numerous occasions and it just doesn’t happen!’Continue Reading

How to Keep the Sizzle & Sexual Intimacy in Your Relationship Alive…& Deliciously Playful

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I’ve written several times on the importance of keeping the sexual intimacy in a relationship alive.  And have stressed many times that when the sexual intimacy in a relationship begins to fade or lose its attraction a relationship is entering troubled waters.

So don’t let this happen to you… Sexual intimacy is critical in a loving, healthy relationship. And it’s one that I suggest you, the female in the relationship, take responsibility for… to ensure that this part of the relationship remains alive and fun.Continue Reading

Keep the Sexual Connection Alive – A Reframe to Consider YES Power & the Importance of Sex

Man kissing his sleeping wifeI hear lots of women say that the sexual connection and intimacy in their relationship has faded or that they have lost the desire…are no longer inclined to engage in physical intimacy with their significant other as they used to be. As a result initiating sexual play and intimacy is seldom something that they engage in.

Or for whatever reason the sexual play and intimacy in their relationship has become somewhat of a chore rather than the fun and engagement that it used to be.Continue Reading

Sexual Intimacy or Connection Faded…Need Rekindling? Take the Seven Day Challenge

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In previous posts I have mentioned the importance of keeping the sex connection in your relationship alive and interesting. Ensuring that this vital part of your relationship remains as magical as it did in the early stages of your romance… And to achieve this in the busyness of life, especially when you’ve been together a number of years, you may feel that there’s no need to make this part of your relationship a priority… that making time for sex is more challenging… there’s no time, there’s children in the household and the like.Continue Reading

Loving Relationships Make Connecting Sexually a Priority. Schedule in Time for Sex & Sexual Play

Woman in bed, recoiling from her partner touching herIn a recent post I talked about the importance of maintaining a healthy and intimate sex life if you want to create and maintain a healthy, deeply, loving relationship. And in that post I suggest scheduling time in for sex as a means of ensuring that time for connecting sexually becomes a priority in the relationship.

If you read that article you may recall that I suggested that scheduling in time for sex is very important. And that if sex isn’t scheduled in… it typically falls off the radar of one party, typically the woman’s and it doesn’t happen.Continue Reading

Don’t Let the Sexual Connection in Your Relationship Fade. An Active Sex Life is Healthy

‘Sex is not the answer. Sex is the question. ‘Yes’ is the answer’  Swami X

Newlywed couple enjoying sexual connectionThe elephant in the room for many relationships is sex…

Sadly this is one area of connection that many couples lose quite early on in their relationship… the busyness of life initially interferes with their having an active and fulfilling sex life, and then it all gets too hard.

Excuses take over and having a conversation about sex let alone initiating it becomes challenging!Continue Reading