Keep the Sexual Connection Alive – A Reframe to Consider YES Power & the Importance of Sex

Man kissing his sleeping wifeI hear lots of women say that the sexual connection and intimacy in their relationship has faded or that they have lost the desire…are no longer inclined to engage in physical intimacy with their significant other as they used to be. As a result initiating sexual play and intimacy is seldom something that they engage in.

Or for whatever reason the sexual play and intimacy in their relationship has become somewhat of a chore rather than the fun and engagement that it used to be.Continue Reading

Is Love a Decision or a Feeling?

How do you know that your partner is right for you?       

Jigsaw pieces in the shape of a question markI’m often asked what seems to be a very simple question…‘How do you know when you meet Mr Right?’ Or ‘How do I know that I am with the right person?’

Though the question seems simple enough or straight forward, the answer isn’t. Why so? Well did you know that every relationship has a cycle…! And depending where you and your partner are in the relationship cycle potentially determines how you feel and whether or not you are likely to question if your partner is your partner for life, that is the right person for you.Continue Reading