What’s the Secret to True Intimacy & Everlasting Deep Connection? Open the Path to True Love

Beautiful Couple Smiling And Facing Each Other and looking into one another's eyes

Image by photostock courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

What’s the secret to true intimacy? A loving connection and a safe, supportive environment or haven wherein you and your partner feel free and encourage one another to be your true selves are important foundations to developing true intimacy. That may sound easy, but many relationships exist in less than safe or supportive environments.

And what if there’s been little intimacy to date….? Or being brutally honest there’s a sense of animosity between the two of you and negative communication patterns are the norm?

Is it possible to rekindle the love and deepen the connection under those circumstances and create true love and deep intimacy?Continue Reading

Is Love Crazy? Or a Chemical Reaction – What’s the Chemistry of Love?

Young couple on the lying on beach together and kissing

Is Love Crazy?

Ever wondered why anyone would risk their marriage, family and career for an illicit affair or what seems from the outside just an irrational fling?

The mystery of how we fall in love and why we often feel in those early days of love simply ‘head over heels’ often leading to what others might deem irrational or quite bizarre behaviour is beginning to unfold with the latest research techniques enabling scientists to delve into previously unknown territories. With the latest in brain scan technology scientists and neurologists have access to brain scans that reveal in living colour what is happening in our brain when we ‘fall in love’!Continue Reading