What is Intimacy? How Does it Develop & How Do You Keep It Alive? What a Question…

Head shot of young black couple laughing -clearly very connected and in love with one another I’m often asked, what is intimacy and why is it so important?

Intimacy is encapsulated by the emotional closeness you feel towards your significant other. It’s about being able to be yourself with your partner… rather than having to feel that you need to be on guard…or protect yourself.

True intimacy means being able to be free…To be yourself …To let your guard down, and let your partner know who you really are and how you really feel.Continue Reading

Are You Certain that Your Messages of Love Are Being Heard?

Young woman getting breakfast in bed and a large red gift box on the breakfast trayDid you know that we each have our own love language…? That there are in fact five unique or different love languages? And that in the absence of knowing the love language of your partner you run the risk of your messages of love and affection not being heard or worse entirely missed?

Yes that’s right. There are five unique languages of love. And each of us responds best to only one of these. In other words if we’re not spoken to in our unique love language we fail to hear the messages of love sent to us…

That’s a hard fact to appreciate isn’t it?Continue Reading

How do You Keep the Love in YOUR Relationship Alive & Sizzling?

Sadly many people believe that it’s challenging to keep the love in their relationship alive and sizzling. They expect the love to fade! And some Couple looking very affectionately at one another as they dance togetherbelieve that it’s only in new love by its very nature that the sparkle lives.

Not so! When you know what ignites the spark – mature relationships can be far deeper and more meaningful than ‘new love’ – reaching unparalleled levels of depth and devotion.

So what are the secrets of keeping your relationship alive and fresh and the love deeper than ever before?Continue Reading

Spice up Your Relationship with these Simple & Fun, Conscious Connection Practices

Young lovers walking down the streetIn an earlier post I outlined the role Dopamine and Serotonin play in experiencing the feelings of closeness and connection in the early phases of love. In that post I explained that it’s the presence of these love hormones that are responsible for how we feel, that ‘blinded in love’ feeling.

After this initial phase, there are two other hormones that are responsible for the love and connection experienced in the early years of partnership, Vasopressin, and Oxytocin. These two hormones are largely present in the early years, and remain so with couples who experience a healthy and satisfying sex life.Continue Reading

The Power of Loving Touch to Enhance & Deepen Intimacy & Connection in Any Relationship…

To Touch is to Give Life’  Michelangelo

Young couple at the pool connecting with loving touchLast week I was sitting outside at a favourite café having lunch when a young couple sat down at a table next to me. Now this café is very small – with only 6 tables outside so it’s very easy to notice what other diners are doing and how they are interacting with one another. One of the things I love about this café is that in being so small it’s quite an intimate affair. Most of the diners are regulars… known to the waiters by name. And being in a location that doesn’t attract a lot of passing traffic it’s frequented primarily by locals.Continue Reading

Spice up Your Relationship with these 4 Creative Date Night Ideas and Watch it Sizzle!

young couple outside sharing bottle of wineIn a rut? Need some inspiration? Here’s a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing – to build a better date night experience- Turn up the heat with your partner using some of these ideas – tailor-made to suit varying tastes — and budgets.

While date nights are critical to maintaining the sparkle in a relationship – deepening the intimacy and fun and coming up with playful date night ideas can be challenging and especially so when the individuals in the relationship enjoy different pursuits and approaches.

Dr Pepper Schwartz, Ph.D., a sociology professor at the University of Washington in Seattle and a relationship expert emphasises the importance of revving up your romantic routine and in particular creating date nights that meet the romantic and personality traits of both of you.Continue Reading

Plan! Create Great Passionate Date Nights that Keep the Sizzle & Love Alive!

Young couple in a restaurant enjoying themselvesWant to keep your relationship alive and passionate? Easy! Great, Passionate Date Nights!

If you’ve been reading my posts you’ll be aware that I am a great advocate for date nights irrespective of how long you and your partner have been together. By that I mean scheduling in quality time for you and your partner or spouse to spend quality time together on a regular basis.

In one of my recent posts I stressed the importance of these dates being placed into your calendar so that they happen –and just to be clear these are times when you and your partner (so no kids or close friends) spend quality time together actively enjoying one another’s company and sharing quality time together– just as you did in the early days of dating.Continue Reading

Deepen the Love & Connection in Your Relationship–With Mini Dates! 15 Minutes a Day!

A clock spiralling into a 15 minute timeframeDid you know that the average couple spends less than 5 minutes a day connecting meaningfully with one another? By meaningfully I mean exchanging words or touching one another with loving intent – with the sole purpose of connecting or deepening the relationship in a meaningful way!

Less than 5 mins per day!!!!!

Compare this to when you were dating? Do you remember the hours spent talking and connecting with one another when you were dating? What happened? Where did all that intent for physical closeness, and sharing news of one another’s day go? And more importantly what impact does such a small amount of time given to meaningful connection do to the longevity and intimacy in a relationship?Continue Reading