Are You Certain that Your Messages of Love Are Being Heard?

Young woman getting breakfast in bed and a large red gift box on the breakfast trayDid you know that we each have our own love language…? That there are in fact five unique or different love languages? And that in the absence of knowing the love language of your partner you run the risk of your messages of love and affection not being heard or worse entirely missed?

Yes that’s right. There are five unique languages of love. And each of us responds best to only one of these. In other words if we’re not spoken to in our unique love language we fail to hear the messages of love sent to us…

That’s a hard fact to appreciate isn’t it?Continue Reading

The Power of Laughter to Deepen Connection & Foster True Intimacy

a couple lovingly laughing and sharing an intimate moment togetherLaughter in creating magic in a relationship is often overlooked or not appreciated for the value it adds to fostering a healthy and loving relationship. In my course the ‘Seven Pillars of Love – Going from Good to Great or from Sagging to Bragging I spend considerable time dwelling on the power of laughter to foster connection, increase intimacy and deepen the communication in a relationship!

Laughter is one of the best ingredients in having a healthy loving and enriching relationship. You may wonder why this is so. Have you ever thought about how good you feel after a good old bout of laughter?  Recent research in neuroscience or the study of the brain explains why this is so!Continue Reading