True Intimacy is Letting Someone Truly See You for Who You Are…

Stone statues of little boy and little girl about to kiss one another

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In a previous post I discussed some of the parameters governing intimacy and what is required for intimacy to develop and grow in a deeply loving relationship. In that post I mentioned the importance of trust as a foundation stone for intimacy to flourish and develop fully.

To develop true intimacy, requires being able to be yourself and trust your partner…to respect that trust… trusting that you are safe to be yourself, and to openly express how you feel…Continue Reading

Say No to Negativity & Criticism in Your Relationship & Watch Your Relationship Flourish

Youn couple having an argument Several posts ago I mentioned the importance of creating a negative free environment as a means for a relationship to develop and deepen in connection…

Agreeing to foster an environment with a zero tolerance for negativity or criticism is a powerful decision to make to ensure that your relationship has a solid foundation to grow and deepen in a very loving supportive manner. Continue Reading

How do You Keep the Love in YOUR Relationship Alive & Sizzling?

Sadly many people believe that it’s challenging to keep the love in their relationship alive and sizzling. They expect the love to fade! And some Couple looking very affectionately at one another as they dance togetherbelieve that it’s only in new love by its very nature that the sparkle lives.

Not so! When you know what ignites the spark – mature relationships can be far deeper and more meaningful than ‘new love’ – reaching unparalleled levels of depth and devotion.

So what are the secrets of keeping your relationship alive and fresh and the love deeper than ever before?Continue Reading

The Power of Laughter to Deepen Connection & Foster True Intimacy

a couple lovingly laughing and sharing an intimate moment togetherLaughter in creating magic in a relationship is often overlooked or not appreciated for the value it adds to fostering a healthy and loving relationship. In my course the ‘Seven Pillars of Love – Going from Good to Great or from Sagging to Bragging I spend considerable time dwelling on the power of laughter to foster connection, increase intimacy and deepen the communication in a relationship!

Laughter is one of the best ingredients in having a healthy loving and enriching relationship. You may wonder why this is so. Have you ever thought about how good you feel after a good old bout of laughter?  Recent research in neuroscience or the study of the brain explains why this is so!Continue Reading