Nurture Your Relationship & Watch the Love & Affection Deepen & Grow

A silhouette of a mature tree against the sunset and a quote from John Lennon that love needs to be nurturedWhile my analogy may sound cold or objective… relationships are no different from pieces of machinery. If not maintained and nurtured they fall apart.

So what’s important?… it’s important to maintain it, nurture it, and keep it in tip top condition so that you create and have the relationship of your dreams…The relationship that you deserve… Keeping the love tank full and never lifting your eyes from the road you’re on and the destination you both want to reach.Continue Reading

How do You Keep the Love in YOUR Relationship Alive & Sizzling?

Sadly many people believe that it’s challenging to keep the love in their relationship alive and sizzling. They expect the love to fade! And some Couple looking very affectionately at one another as they dance togetherbelieve that it’s only in new love by its very nature that the sparkle lives.

Not so! When you know what ignites the spark – mature relationships can be far deeper and more meaningful than ‘new love’ – reaching unparalleled levels of depth and devotion.

So what are the secrets of keeping your relationship alive and fresh and the love deeper than ever before?Continue Reading

Being Best Friends – Deepen the Love with Conscious Loving Connections

‘A successful marriage is an edifice that must be rebuilt every day.’  – Andre Maurois

Young couple looking lovingly into one another's eyesYou may well ask, what do I mean by conscious connection? And how does my consciously connecting with my partner assist in taking our relationship to the next level?

Let me explain…Connection is all about experiencing and igniting the deep romantic connection that you experienced in the afterglow of dating and in the early years of marriage. And conscious connection is about igniting those feelings every single day.Continue Reading