Become a Tiger in the Bedroom, Initiate Sex like A Temptress & have Your Partner Purring for More

Woman standing on the bed, tempting her partner Many of my clients who enjoy an active, delicious sex life feel that there’s an imbalance in the status quo. They feel that sex only happens when their husband or significant other initiates it.

These same women are surprised and respond in disbelief when I advise them that men love it when their partner initiates sex…

All too often I hear them say…’I’ve tried on numerous occasions and it just doesn’t happen!’Continue Reading

The 3 Worst Mistakes Women Make in the Bedroom…& 3 Simple Steps to Overcome them…

Girl surrounded by rose petal in alluring positionRenowned sex expert and family therapist Dr Jane Greer suggests that women COMMONLY make 3 MISTAKES in the bedroom, which dampen the road to intimacy.

I was surprised by her findings as each of these issues are seemingly small and yet to our men folk, our lovers and romantic partners Greer’s research indicates that these ‘mistakes’ are big turn offs for men. So ladies take note, and then leap into action. While these issues may seem, small take action. Don’t disregard them! To your man these issues are meaningful turn offs. So are you open to hearing what they are?Continue Reading