Sexual Intimacy or Connection Faded…Need Rekindling? Take the Seven Day Challenge

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In previous posts I have mentioned the importance of keeping the sex connection in your relationship alive and interesting. Ensuring that this vital part of your relationship remains as magical as it did in the early stages of your romance… And to achieve this in the busyness of life, especially when you’ve been together a number of years, you may feel that there’s no need to make this part of your relationship a priority… that making time for sex is more challenging… there’s no time, there’s children in the household and the like.

In one of these posts I mentioned the importance of scheduling in time for sex…Yes just like you schedule in time for all the other activities in your life… Schedule in time for sex … and keep the sizzle alive… As a conscious, loving strategy… Designed to keep your relationship healthy and fulfilling and your partner magnetized… by your very presence.

And in putting forward the notion of the importance of scheduling in time for sex, I hear a plethora of reactions…

Common Objections Raised
Lots of people particularly women are initially horrified by the notion or prospect of scheduling time in for sex …

…They claim that scheduling time in for sex sounds kind of rigid… certainly far from romantic. They claim that the sex they enjoyed when they were dating or in the early stages of their relationship was never scheduled! It was spontaneous! So why schedule in time for sex now…?

If that’s your reaction to the notion of scheduling in time for sex…let me challenge you on that just a bit!

Your Early Dating Days
Recall those early days of dating or the first year or so of co – habiting together… and all the planning you did to seduce or create an environment conducive to having sex…?

…In all honesty were those sexual connections really spontaneous or do you recall spending hours or days mindlessly thinking about what you were going to wear…? Do and say…?

…Flirtatious smiles, rapturous comments, eyes fluttering, sweet murmurings…?

So were they really spontaneous connections…?

And as your relationship got a little more committed do you recall how much time you spent thinking about how and when you were going to connect again sexually?

And what you could do or wear to make the sex more appealing?

That’s not spontaneous! That’s pre-meditated! And beautifully orchestrated…

It may not have been articulated, as such but it was certainly scheduled…

Those dates intentional or otherwise were scheduled occasions for sexual expression and connection… but in the heat of the moment that’s not how we see or like to remember it. Ready for some playtime? The Seven Day Challenge

The Seven Day Challenge
Here’s a challenge to consider if you really want to get things moving!

I recently heard an interview conducted with Evan Marc Katz, a dating coach who described this challenge as a great way to reignite the fun and connection sex brings into relationships… and I thought I’d share this tip with you.

Evan Marc Katz challenges his clients that have let sex slip… and want to get the connection back to take a Seven Day Sex Challenge! You read correctly. A seven day challenge…to make a commitment to each other to have sex for seven days in a row!

Yes that’s right. To make time for one another and to make a commitment to have sex at least seven times over the next seven consecutive days!

Can you imagine how committed and connected these couples feel from their participation in that challenge?

Why seven days? Seven days is long enough for couples who’ve let the sexual side of their relationship slip… to get back into the routine of connecting sexually again and expressing their sexual feelings. Seven days is long enough to get over any self-consciousness or concerns about being sexually active again… to reconnect and have fun together. The Seven Day Challenges enables couples to remember how important the sexual connection is to them and their relationship and to realize that the passion can be reignited…easily and effortlessly…

Is that something that you might consider committing to with your partner?

I think it sounds like a lot of fun…

Its beauty lies in its simplicity… in the commitment. And in making the commitment, rekindling the desire to think about sex again and the fun and pleasure it brings…

For couples who have lost their sexual connection, taking on this challenge and committing to each other over a 7 day period to reconnect sexually enables each to get comfortable with connecting sexually again … To express themselves and learn to physically experience and hold each other again…

And yes, it can be demanding initially…even a bit intimidating for some…

…but start with the end in mind. Consider how you’ll feel seven days on…

Excited, reunited, and potentially sexually tuned into one another again…

I promise you the gain is worth any potential pain or initial fears…

My mission is to take relationships ‘from good to great or from sagging to bragging’ so your sharing assists me in achieving that… We all deserve the love of our dreams…

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