Love and loving relationships develop over time and over time the relationship or experience of love alters. Understanding how to navigate through the maze of these stages of love enables couples to create a successful very loving and deeply committed relationship - going from 'good to great or from sagging to bragging'. Love doesn't die or fade, but it does need conscious loving to mature and deepen.

Don’t Become a Statistic-A Relationship Breakdown! Practice the Art of Loving Connection Daily!

a daisy with all its petals pulled out and scattered on the floorWhen statistics are most scary? Perhaps when we are unwittingly looking at becoming one of them!

Did you know that there are national (USA) statistics that outline the hallmarks of the average relationship? These statistics provide an interesting benchmark or guideline for comparison as to how you are tracking in the health and wellness of your relationship. They highlight the need to pay attention to your relationship daily with conscious loving and meaningful connection. Neglect to do so and the tell-tale cracks begin to appear! So don’t let your relationship slide – or risk becoming just another statistic in the hall of dysfunctional or unhappy relationships! Take action every day – to keep the love alive and sizzling!Continue Reading

Is Love a Decision or a Feeling?

How do you know that your partner is right for you?       

Jigsaw pieces in the shape of a question markI’m often asked what seems to be a very simple question…‘How do you know when you meet Mr Right?’ Or ‘How do I know that I am with the right person?’

Though the question seems simple enough or straight forward, the answer isn’t. Why so? Well did you know that every relationship has a cycle…! And depending where you and your partner are in the relationship cycle potentially determines how you feel and whether or not you are likely to question if your partner is your partner for life, that is the right person for you.Continue Reading