What is Love & How do You Know When You are Loved? Such a Timeless Question…

A heart made up of pink & red puzzle piecesMost of us want to feel truly seen, heard and understood by our partner, and to experience the kind of close connection that we know we truly deserve. But in our modern world, we’re so busy and distracted that often there just doesn’t seem to be enough quality time available to spend with our partners to begin with . . .

So what do we do? Love feels so important to us and yet it often feels illusive as well…

So what does ‘being in love’ mean?Continue Reading

The Power of Loving Touch to Enhance & Deepen Intimacy & Connection in Any Relationship…

To Touch is to Give Life’  Michelangelo

Young couple at the pool connecting with loving touchLast week I was sitting outside at a favourite café having lunch when a young couple sat down at a table next to me. Now this café is very small – with only 6 tables outside so it’s very easy to notice what other diners are doing and how they are interacting with one another. One of the things I love about this café is that in being so small it’s quite an intimate affair. Most of the diners are regulars… known to the waiters by name. And being in a location that doesn’t attract a lot of passing traffic it’s frequented primarily by locals.Continue Reading

The Power of a Hug! Lift your Spirit & Ignite Connection! Hug with Passion Every Day!

the power of a hugLast holiday season I awoke to a rainy wet Sunday morning. With no family around I had decided the night before that I was going to treat myself to a date with myself –lunch then a movie. With that in mind I drove to my nearest cinema complex to find that it was closed. The movie was advertised to start at 2pm and I had wanted to purchase a ticket prior to settling down to eat.

The cinema complex had just been renovated and in doing so had installed an allocated seating system – which did not please me! (Previously one could purchase a ticket and sit anywhere, which meant I could arrive 15 minutes before the theatre was open. With the new allocated seating the staff were determining where I sat – and despite my best attempts to explain my preferences I was never in my preferred section – seems everyone bar me likes to sit in the centre!) So my early arrival was an attempt to obtain a seat of my preference!Continue Reading

Respect! – The Cornerstone of Every Healthy, Deeply Loving Relationship!

Image of Max & Lubov AzriaLiving, loving and harmoniously working or creating together…Is that a sign of a successful relationship or of love? – and if so what part does respect play?

I was at the hairdressers the other day having my regular cut, colour and style and while waiting for the colour to set thumbed aimlessly through a recent Vogue magazine, when what seemed an odd or curious quote caught my attention…No!  Jumped out at me…!

There on the right hand side of what was inserted as a feature article was a beautiful full colour spread, featuring the landscaped grounds and pool area of an expansive and very tastefully decorated home.Continue Reading