Spice up Your Relationship with these Simple & Fun, Conscious Connection Practices

Young lovers walking down the streetIn an earlier post I outlined the role Dopamine and Serotonin play in experiencing the feelings of closeness and connection in the early phases of love. In that post I explained that it’s the presence of these love hormones that are responsible for how we feel, that ‘blinded in love’ feeling.

After this initial phase, there are two other hormones that are responsible for the love and connection experienced in the early years of partnership, Vasopressin, and Oxytocin. These two hormones are largely present in the early years, and remain so with couples who experience a healthy and satisfying sex life.Continue Reading

Being Best Friends – Deepen the Love with Conscious Loving Connections

‘A successful marriage is an edifice that must be rebuilt every day.’  – Andre Maurois

Young couple looking lovingly into one another's eyesYou may well ask, what do I mean by conscious connection? And how does my consciously connecting with my partner assist in taking our relationship to the next level?

Let me explain…Connection is all about experiencing and igniting the deep romantic connection that you experienced in the afterglow of dating and in the early years of marriage. And conscious connection is about igniting those feelings every single day.Continue Reading

The Power of Laughter to Deepen Connection & Foster True Intimacy

a couple lovingly laughing and sharing an intimate moment togetherLaughter in creating magic in a relationship is often overlooked or not appreciated for the value it adds to fostering a healthy and loving relationship. In my course the ‘Seven Pillars of Love – Going from Good to Great or from Sagging to Bragging I spend considerable time dwelling on the power of laughter to foster connection, increase intimacy and deepen the communication in a relationship!

Laughter is one of the best ingredients in having a healthy loving and enriching relationship. You may wonder why this is so. Have you ever thought about how good you feel after a good old bout of laughter?  Recent research in neuroscience or the study of the brain explains why this is so!Continue Reading

Don’t Put Your Head in the Sand! Relationships Need Nurturing to Deepen & Grow!

Ostrich with its head in the sand Relationships are like plants. They need to be nurtured and watered to grow and to develop. Neglect these basics and the relationship soon loses its gloss, its lustre and its ability to stand the weathering of time.

I often write about strategies for couples to adopt that will enable them to deepen their love for one another and keep the zing in their relationship alive and fresh! If you’ve read previous articles you’ll know that I am a great advocate for couples spending time together consciously discussing and sharing what keeps them aglow. Doing so ensures that the romance and love in the relationship is never taken for granted. Done on a regular basis, this small strategy ensures that over time rather than fading the love between the two of you deepens – deepens in two very important ways, increased respect and mutual admiration.Continue Reading