How do You Create Intimacy When Your Relationship Seems to be on Rocky Ground?

Couple in bed, man sleeping woman looking at him feeling very frustratedIn several recent posts I have discussed how intimacy develops over time. And that the important ingredients for its foundation are honesty and openness – building a firm foundation of trust in one another.  That’s sounds easy but what if your relationship is on somewhat rocky ground? And what I’m talking about feels way out of your comfort zone…?

The first thing to ask yourself is ‘What happened?’ Where did things go awry? And why…?’Continue Reading

What’s the Secret to True Intimacy & Everlasting Deep Connection? Open the Path to True Love

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What’s the secret to true intimacy? A loving connection and a safe, supportive environment or haven wherein you and your partner feel free and encourage one another to be your true selves are important foundations to developing true intimacy. That may sound easy, but many relationships exist in less than safe or supportive environments.

And what if there’s been little intimacy to date….? Or being brutally honest there’s a sense of animosity between the two of you and negative communication patterns are the norm?

Is it possible to rekindle the love and deepen the connection under those circumstances and create true love and deep intimacy?Continue Reading

Keep the Sexual Connection Alive – A Reframe to Consider YES Power & the Importance of Sex

Man kissing his sleeping wifeI hear lots of women say that the sexual connection and intimacy in their relationship has faded or that they have lost the desire…are no longer inclined to engage in physical intimacy with their significant other as they used to be. As a result initiating sexual play and intimacy is seldom something that they engage in.

Or for whatever reason the sexual play and intimacy in their relationship has become somewhat of a chore rather than the fun and engagement that it used to be.Continue Reading

Sexual Intimacy or Connection Faded…Need Rekindling? Take the Seven Day Challenge

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In previous posts I have mentioned the importance of keeping the sex connection in your relationship alive and interesting. Ensuring that this vital part of your relationship remains as magical as it did in the early stages of your romance… And to achieve this in the busyness of life, especially when you’ve been together a number of years, you may feel that there’s no need to make this part of your relationship a priority… that making time for sex is more challenging… there’s no time, there’s children in the household and the like.Continue Reading

Intimacy Faded? A Simple Tip to Ignite the Flame of Intimacy & Deepen Your Relationship…


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Over the past few weeks and months I’ve written a lot about intimacy and how to deepen and foster the intimacy in a relationship. That’s well and good but I get couples asking me, what if there’s been little intimacy to date….?

Or some being brutally honest claim that a sense of animosity exists and negative communication patterns are the norm?

So what do you do? In the first instance take a good hard look at the situation…Objectively. Are you able to sit down and talk together…? Intimacy is fostered by breaking down the barriers. Just as in war…Fences divide!Continue Reading

Loving Relationships Make Connecting Sexually a Priority. Schedule in Time for Sex & Sexual Play

Woman in bed, recoiling from her partner touching herIn a recent post I talked about the importance of maintaining a healthy and intimate sex life if you want to create and maintain a healthy, deeply, loving relationship. And in that post I suggest scheduling time in for sex as a means of ensuring that time for connecting sexually becomes a priority in the relationship.

If you read that article you may recall that I suggested that scheduling in time for sex is very important. And that if sex isn’t scheduled in… it typically falls off the radar of one party, typically the woman’s and it doesn’t happen.Continue Reading

What are the Essential Ingredients to Deepen the Intimacy in YOUR Relationship?

Three clear glass flasks each with a colourful chemical ingredient insideThere are several key ingredients that foster and deepen the intimacy in a relationship, enabling one to truly be you and reveal yourself fully.

Key is that the communication in the relationship is open and honest… always… But to feel safe to do so requires a high degree of trust and integrity to exist.

What do I mean? Honesty and openness are multi layered, complex attributes or values rather than simple ones… each require you to be true to yourself and to honor yourself and to trust your partner completely. Knowing that you will be supported and accepted for all that you do and say. Both honoring one another and fully accepted no matter what.Continue Reading

True Intimacy is Letting Someone Truly See You for Who You Are…

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In a previous post I discussed some of the parameters governing intimacy and what is required for intimacy to develop and grow in a deeply loving relationship. In that post I mentioned the importance of trust as a foundation stone for intimacy to flourish and develop fully.

To develop true intimacy, requires being able to be yourself and trust your partner…to respect that trust… trusting that you are safe to be yourself, and to openly express how you feel…Continue Reading

What is Intimacy? How Does it Develop & How Do You Keep It Alive? What a Question…

Head shot of young black couple laughing -clearly very connected and in love with one another I’m often asked, what is intimacy and why is it so important?

Intimacy is encapsulated by the emotional closeness you feel towards your significant other. It’s about being able to be yourself with your partner… rather than having to feel that you need to be on guard…or protect yourself.

True intimacy means being able to be free…To be yourself …To let your guard down, and let your partner know who you really are and how you really feel.Continue Reading

The 3 Worst Mistakes Women Make in the Bedroom…& 3 Simple Steps to Overcome them…

Girl surrounded by rose petal in alluring positionRenowned sex expert and family therapist Dr Jane Greer suggests that women COMMONLY make 3 MISTAKES in the bedroom, which dampen the road to intimacy.

I was surprised by her findings as each of these issues are seemingly small and yet to our men folk, our lovers and romantic partners Greer’s research indicates that these ‘mistakes’ are big turn offs for men. So ladies take note, and then leap into action. While these issues may seem, small take action. Don’t disregard them! To your man these issues are meaningful turn offs. So are you open to hearing what they are?Continue Reading