Become a Tiger in the Bedroom, Initiate Sex like A Temptress & have Your Partner Purring for More

Woman standing on the bed, tempting her partner Many of my clients who enjoy an active, delicious sex life feel that there’s an imbalance in the status quo. They feel that sex only happens when their husband or significant other initiates it.

These same women are surprised and respond in disbelief when I advise them that men love it when their partner initiates sex…

All too often I hear them say…’I’ve tried on numerous occasions and it just doesn’t happen!’

My response to them is that you may be very surprised to learn that what to you was a very clear and overt message to your partner letting him know that you were in the mood… for some action in the bedroom was totally missed by him…

Ladies When it comes to the Bedroom, Subtlety Doesn’t Win

Ladies this is one time and one topic where subtlety doesn’t win…

When communicating to your partner or significant other that you’re initiating a sexual invitation to play, that you’re in the mood to tango… being subtle about your intentions, hinting that you’re in the mood for action is likely to fall on deaf ears.

This is ONE subject that if you want to be heard and responded to you, you have to be quite blatant…if you want your loved one to pick up the intended message and get it…or catch on!

Most men miss the subtle cues… and especially so when they’re clouded in subtly and innuendo… hinted at.

Alternative Cues

So if you’re not comfortable expressing your sexual desire or using the explicit words that you’re in the mood for some action, work out a signal or two that you feel comfortable with and then let your partner know what your signals are, and what they MEAN. Don’t make the mistake and assume that he’ll make the connection between what you’re wanting and the subtle hints that you’ve made.

Be clear, so that when he experiences or hears those signals –he knows that it’s your way of saying, ‘I’m in the mood…let’s go’.

..So for instance if touching his butt and massaging his right leg gently means ‘I’m in the mood for action, let’s go make love…!’ Let him know in advance…that that’s what those touch points REALLY mean…

…Chances are he’ll otherwise just think that you’re touching his butt and massaging his right leg, and how pleasant is that!

In other words… Most men would have NO idea that your subtle signals have a huge subtext to them! And if they did they would jump for JOY!

As one of my male friends recently revealed…’I’m a male. I’m really simple. Tell me what you want (to his female partner) and I’ll happily deliver. I just want to make you happy…but I can’t read your mind. I’m a mere male.’

Become a Tiger or Temptress

This is one time when you can become a tiger or a temptress and your man will feel truly blessed.

Just like women, men love to know that they are desirable to their partner or significant other. So turning the tables occasionally and letting your partner know that you desire him physically, that you want to connect with him sexually and share intimacy is one of the most exhilarating experiences a man can experience with his partner.

So go ahead… Get in touch with the temptress in you and have some fun. Be delicious and desirable and let your man know how delicious and desirable you find him.

So go ahead and initiate sexual. Let your partner know how much you enjoy being with him and pleasure him…

And last but not least – experiment!

Sexual Fantasies

Each of us has sexual fantasies…

Sadly most couples don’t know how to communicate these to their partner. It’s important that sexual fantasies be introduced in a very loving way… Not as something that is missing in the relationship but rather as something that might add to the relationship.

When your partner does something that is extremely pleasurable for you – let him know!

‘I really love it when you do….’

And if he does something that you don’t enjoy … Carefully rephrase how you’d prefer something else…

…Give him guidance. Don’t criticize… Gently guide… Or give him some suggestions…

For instance….’that doesn’t juice me up as much as when you do….’ And most of all have fun!

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