Are you Playmates? Do You have Fun & Laugh Together? Powerful Ingredients in Loving

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It’s well known that couples that have fun and laugh together… have the foundation for a healthy and solid relationship… one that is bound to deepen in love and connection to and for one another.

It’s clear to everyone that these couples have a sparkle in their relationship… that they enjoy being in one another’s company… But have you ever wondered why?

What is it about having fun and laughing together that makes laughter such a powerful tool in deepening a relationship…? The glue acknowledged by professionals as being a magical ingredient or contributing factor in keeping a relationship alive, fresh and loving.

The Benefits Fun and Laughter Bring
Why is it that couples in a relationship that’s filled with fun and laughter sparkle…?

Fun and laughter are to a relationship growth nutrients. Fun and laughter shared together foster and enable relationships to grow… Deepens the connection shared…

…Resulting in what I call the ‘honeymoon glow…’

….and many decades after the memories of the original honeymoon have dimmed.

So why is that? And how can you bring more fun and laughter into your relationship?

Consciously SO!

When I talk about laughter here, I’m not talking about the full belly kind of laughter…that doubles you up… associated with hearing a good joke… but rather the laughter and impishness of childhood…

…The fun and laughter associated with being at ease with one another. Doing things in such a way that a smile INSTANTLY appears on your face…

So when was the last time you and your partner laughed together?

Do you remember how you felt afterwards? How good you felt? How connected you felt afterwards?

Laughter Fosters Connection
Laughter creates ‘a feel good factor’, and there’re many very sound reasons for the ‘feel good factor’ associated with laughter.

Research has shown us that there are many positive benefits to laughter, both physical and emotional.  There’s a physiological explanation for that feel good feeling – so why not use it to deepen your relationship and connection with one another…?

It’s impossible to feel anything but a close connection to your partner when you’ve recently shared some fun or seen the funny side of a situation and laughed together.

Besides being fun, laughing together has some very interesting side effects…

Quite simply, laughter clears away the cobwebs!

Laughter Triggers the Release of Dopamine
When you laugh the chemical, Dopamine is released into your bloodstream. That’s right the bonding chemical I’ve mentioned so often before!

Yes here we go again, bringing chemistry into the equation, unlocking the science behind our connection to one another and the health and greater welfare of our relationships.

Dopamine functions as a neurotransmitter… a chemical released by your nerve cells that sends signals to other nerve cells, and is affectionately known as the ‘feel good’ hormone!

Its release is responsible for you feeling a very powerful and loving connection to the person or people you are with.

And if that’s the case…Imagine if you capitalised on this or utilised this knowledge in your relationship! And laughed more often – creating increased levels of Dopamine and as a result more loving connections with one another.

When you and your partner laugh together, your body becomes flooded with Dopamine resulting in your feeling very close to your partner.

Its presence explains why you experience the sense of sharing a very special moment together!

Best of all…it’s fool proof! The release of Dopamine makes you feel energised and connected to one another…! And that’s part of its intended natural role!

…It works every time…and far faster than any vitamin pill!

And so consider if this is true…then the corollary of this is also true.

A Relationship Devoid of Laughter
It’s often the loss of laughter together that leads couples to question what’s happened to the fun they used to have and enjoy together.

Where is the relationship I dreamed of? What’s happened?

And slowly…. over time… little or no time is put into engaging or putting that magic ingredient back… finding the fun in being together, let alone knowing how.

With the loss of spontaneity that fun and laughter creates, a relationship starts to become mundane… or worse taken for granted!

Relationships that have lost their zing become lack lustre… and very soon become mere routine… Punctuated by roles and responsibilities… School runs, trash nights, having to cook dinner and entertaining the same old friends in the same old ways… Things done out of habit… Often with little enjoyment doing so…

So don’t let that happen to you….

Take a moment and think about it…

…What are some of the ways that you can bring more fun and laughter into your relationship? And in the process connect more meaningfully on a day to day basis?

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Much love…

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